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History of ceramic roof tiles

History of ceramic roof tiles

Since pre-history Humans tried to find a strong and resisting way of covering their shelters against less favourable weather.

As humanity roofing techniques evolved different methods and materials were tested until the discovery of ceramic roof tiles.

Ceramics come from clay’s exposition to fire. 

When this reaction was discovered to significantly increase its mechanical resistance the first ceramic roof tiles began being used.

They gained relevance because clay can be given the desired shape when mixed with water and then hardened through intense heat making permanent the previously given format.

Many nations used the clay cooking knowledge making it difficult to trace back its true origin. 

However, the ceramics use reached Portugal by the Roman Empire influence as they spread their knowledge in this craft.

By reasons of clay abundance and the ease of handling Ceramic tiles are still intensely used although their shapes and features were improved throughout the time allowing new and better models to appear.

Ceramic roof tile possesses various advantages not only aesthetically but also in resisting the rain and wind providing comfort to the building. 

It is also an ecologic product with high durability and very cost-effective.