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SOTELHA: Since 1970


It is with great pride that we integrate one of the most traditional economic sectors in Portuguese history and culture.

Since pre-historical times the Humans tried to find strong resisting coverings for their shelters, protecting them from weather exposure.

Although tree leaves and branches were first used to serve as protection when the result of the combination of fire with clay’s properties ceramic roof tile was discovered providing houses a much more resisting and durable material that is also aesthetically valued.

The intensive use of this material covered Southern Europe’s houses in a joyful color and as matter of fact, the use of ceramic roof tiles has recently become more relevant in other regions such as Northern Europe and Africa where other materials were traditionally used.

we celebrate ceramica sotelha 48 birtday 

Ceramic industry occupies a significant place in the Portuguese economy and the production of these artifacts is a very important part of national history and culture. Sotelha is one of this Portuguese legacy ambassador of ceramic roof tiles and accessories production letting the world know about this tradition.

In the year Sotelha celebrates its 48th birthday a new roof tile is developed in order to respond the market’s need for a product that’s adaptable to different batten spaces.