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Mourisca Roof Tile

A modern roof tile meets centuries-old tradition

MOURISCA is a ‘Barrel’ or Arab type roof tile based on the most a ncient of ceramic coverings, blending the beauty of centuries-old beauty tradition with modern innovation
Mourisca Roof Tile


Centuries-old Beaty
centuries-old elegance and tradition delivered in a‘barrel’ roof tile

Simplicity and  Uniqueness
A simplicidade da telha confere singularidade a um tipo de cobertura sempre actual

stunning beauty styled on a roof with unquestionablereliability

According to the Standard EN 1304:2013, complies with:

Geometric Charecteristics

EN 1024

Frost Resistance

EN 539-2


EN 539-1

Flexural Strength

EN 538

Technical Characteristics

Weight 1,8 Kg

Length 45.3 cm

Width 16.5 cm

Slat spacing 13 cm

Roof Tiles / box 540

Roof Tiles / m2 30 Uni. (Valor médio)

Mourisca Roof Tile
A Mourisca pode ser fabricada com os acabamentos Mosteiro e Envelhecido.

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