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Meridian Flex Roof Tile

Increased performance with a touch of sophistication

MERIDIAN is a Marseilles type roof tile. Its classic design and excellent technical performance guarantee a roof with supreme quality and beauty
Meridian Flex Roof Tile


Traditional Aesthetics
a Marseilles type roof tile with tradicional aesthetics

Durability and Reliability
the guarantee of a durable and greatly reliable roof

Superior Waterproofness
the marked ridges in the areas of overlap provide exceptional waterproofness

Conforme a Norma EN 1304:2013, cumpre:

Geometric Charecteristics

EN 1024

Frost Resistance

EN 539-2


EN 539-1

Flexural Strength

EN 538

Technical Characteristics

Weight 3,0 Kg

Length 44.7 cm

Width 24.2 cm

Slat spacing 37.5 a 38 cm

Roof Tiles / box 300

Roof Tiles / m2 12,5

Meridian Flex Roof Tile
A Meridian pode ser fabricada com os acabamentos Mosteiro e Envelhecido.

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