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Globo Roof Tile

lusa roof tile

GLOBO is an easy to assemble Lusa type roof tile. Its functional design makes this an extremely efficient traditional roof covering
Globo Roof Tile


this roof tile performs its function perfectly as an element of protection for the home

Increased Fitting Margins
the prominent overhanging border prevents rain infiltration and facilitates the installation of the roof

Simplicity and Reliability
the shape of each tile is distinguished by the simplicity of its lines and it grants a high reliability to the ceramic roof covering

According to the Standard EN 1304:2013, complies with:

Geometric Charecteristics

EN 1024

Frost Resistance

EN 539-2


EN 539-1

Flexural Strength

EN 538

Technical Characteristics

Weight 3.35 Kg

Length 44.0 cm

Width 25.4 cm

Slat spacing 37 cm

Roof Tiles / box 300 Uni.

Roof Tiles / m2 12.5

Globo Roof Tile

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